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ANPC requires energy suppliers to present the clearer information to consumers

31 January 2022

Energy consumers must understand what a reference consumption means, and in this sense suppliers should transmit information, through the first bill available, said on Monday the president of the National Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC), Horia Constantinescu, in a meetings organized with the Romanian electricity and natural gas companies.

“Consumers need to understand what a reference consumption means. We need to convey, through the first bill, how consumers understand that it is up to them to determine how the reference consumption can be calculated…. More than that, I want … within a reasonable time, to have a discussion about how to assess reference consumption and how we can convey to consumers that they have exceeded their consumption. I want it to be a unified approach across the whole spectrum of the utility businesses,” Constantinescu said, according to Agerpres.

The head of ANPC told the Romanian energy suppliers to find a way for the issued bills to be easy “for everyone to understand”.

“We have to assess all the situations we have faced in the territory, both you, those who have been sanctioned and us, in relation to the activity of fellow commissioners. At this time, the Authority will develop a way of control to have a unitary approach. We will talk to each of the suppliers and make sure that from tomorrow (February 1, 2022), the things provided by Ordinance 3/2022 will be properly implemented,” Horia Constantinescu added.

Another request from the official is to draw up a document stating that the obligation to read the meters lies primarily with the consumer, but also with the statement that there are situations in which this cannot be done “either for reasons of age or training.”

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