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Andrei Ceclan: The demand-response market in Romania – a potential of over 100 million euros annually

27 May 2021

The market for demand-response services has a potential of over 100 million euros annually in Romania, the studies conducted at the Technical University in Cluj-Napoca show. “The good news is that we have also been able to lobby in the Parliament, so today several groups of MPs want to support the legal regulation of the demand-response market,” said Andrei Ceclan, President of SAMER, during the conference “Digitalization and Energy Efficiency – Cluj- Napoca”, organized by Energynomics.

The Technical University of Cluj is carrying out, supported by several partnerships, various research-innovation-dissemination projects. “These projects contribute to increasing professional skills for energy specialists. Through the business models we are testing, we show that what has been done in other countries for some time can be done in Romania as well. Applications for digitalized and distributed energy services can be made, to increase the business in the field of energy management in Romania”, said Ceclan.

Thus, in 2017 a training project for near zero-emission buildings (nZEB) specialists was developed, which continues today. “We have a new class of nZEB specialists because the Romanian legislation requires it. We need to make buildings with high energy performance, so, both the public environment, the one that issues building permits – town halls, county councils, and the private environment – designers and builders, need to know how to do this. We are at the fourth edition, with over 150 students, to which are added 27, which we specialize online, during the pandemic “, he said.

“We have launched another course of energy managers for local communities. It started in 2018 and we continued later, including this year, with three other editions. Interest is very high in this area, too”.

 width=Another project in the field of applied research included the implementation of an energy monitoring and consumption management system of technical and lighting systems within 12 buildings of the University of Cluj-Napoca. The students had access to the systems and carried out various demand balancing applications (demand-response) which were subsequently tested, including from the aggregation perspective.

The conference “Digitalization and Energy Efficiency – Cluj-Napoca” was organized by Energynomics, with the support of our partners ABB, Cargus, Claritech, CREESC, Eaton, Enel X Romania, EnergoBit, Kawasaki Gas Turbines Europe, Photomate, Renovatio, Sensible, Wiren.

More than 220 people registered on the MyConnector platform to participate in the dialogue.

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