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Andrei Ceclan, SAMER: 12 questions for the 4th energy revolution in Romania

10 November 2021
General Interest

Today, humanity is experiencing the 4th energy revolution, one in which, by 2050, we aim to use only energy from sources that no longer emit carbon dioxide. After explanations and contextualization, Dr. Eng. Andrei Ceclan, President of SAMER, presented the main challenges of this period, in the form of questions, during the conference “Digitalization and Energy Efficiency – Sibiu”, organized by Energynomics.

First of all, in order to enjoy energy security, a society must be able to respond positively to 4 principles, summarized in an article signed by Daniel Yergin and published in Foreign Affairs, as follows:

  1. Diversified supply sources
  2. Safety margins – sufficient production capacity and emergency reserves
  3. Interconnected energy networks
  4. Good level of knowledge in energy markets – to prevent panic and crises

In Andrei Ceclan’s opinion, Romania responds positively only to the first principle. “We are in a chronic deficit of electricity production and from the market regulations and from the perspective of methane gas supply (principle 2 violation). We are interconnected, but limited, as almost daily we reach the maximum limit of energy transfer from our neighbors to us, at peak loads (principle 3 violation). Energy markets should not lead to panic and crises, but in the recent period we have seen that exactly this happened in Romania (principle 4 violation)”, explained the president of SAMER.


In this context, Andrei Ceclan referred to the main challenges of the moment in public discourse, expressed in the form of questions:

  1. Decarbonization – At what price, at what pace and how do we position ourselves?
  2. Distributed energy generation – With what impact on energy networks?
  3. Large-scale prosuming – What impact on the energy market?
  4. nZEB on a large scale – Are we ready? Did the public authorities comply?
  5. Energy Planning of General Urban Plans (PUG) – Do we build blocks of flats and neighborhoods and then think about infrastructure?
  6. Low emission district heating – Do we still believe in the future of district heating?
  7. Electricity storage – How long will technological advancement help us?
  8. Electrified Mobility – With what impact on the energy network?
  9. Professionals and craftsmen – Do we have enough human resources?
  10. Research and innovation – Do we do this in Romania also?
  11. Local technology production – How much of the European funds will go to China?
  12. Visionary programs to accelerate energy efficiency – What would be a reimbursement on cost standards from PNRR?

When we talk about energy security and decarbonization, to act on the causes means “to accelerate energy efficiency, to reduce consumption peaks through demand-response – that is, to involve consumers in the energy market,” concluded Andrei Ceclan.

The conference “Digitalization and Energy Efficiency – Sibiu” was organized by Energynomics, with the support of our partners  ABB România, Enel X România, Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe GmbH, Photomate, Sixt, Wiren.

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