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AHK Romania encourages the initiative to implement the “Kurzarbeit” model

23 June 2020
General Interest

The Romanian-German business environment supports and encourages the Government’s intention to implement the “Kurzarbeit” model to support Romanian companies, according to a statement from the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK).

Since the beginning of the pandemic, AHK Romania has repeatedly emphasized through its representatives and on various channels the importance and necessity of this measure, based on the experience of other states, especially Germany, where it has been operating successfully for more than a century. Meanwhile, several European countries have introduced the German model.

”It is an absolutely necessary measure to support the economy during this period, in order to be able to get through the current crisis well, and we are glad that the Government has decided to apply this flexible work system. Especially now it is important not to get fired and employees do not lose contact with the workplace,” says Dragoș Anastasiu, President of AHK Romania. And this is exactly what is achieved through this system.

“We are still open to dialogue and we want to get involved in finalizing the legal framework, together with the social partners. Because without the trust between the social partners this mechanism cannot work. We are therefore at the disposal of the Government to formulate constructively and finalize the text of the law for the rapid implementation of the Kurzarbeit system in Romania.”

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