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AEI: Millions of Romanians risk going into energy poverty next year

11 May 2021

A study conducted by the Intelligent Energy Association (AEI) of Romania presents the risk of increasing energy poverty after July 1, 2021, as a result of rising prices for natural gas, electricity, heat and firewood.

“The inflation triggered by these increases, to which is added the increase of the exchange rate, but especially the fact that the aids provided in the Vulnerable Consumer Law will be granted only for winter 2022/2023, will bring at least 4 million Romanians in the area of energy poverty for at least one of the forms of energy used,” says AEI.

The analysis of the Intelligent Energy Association, based on its own price forecasts, on data from the platforms such as BRM, OPCOM and CEGH, indicates the increase in gas prices to the final consumer, with all taxes included, by about 20%, of the price of electricity – by 10% , the price of thermal energy, in case of elimination of subsidies this year, of at least 50% and of the price of firewood – by 10%.

“In the last 3 months our analysis showed increasing price trends for different forms of energy, but the last analysis has exceeded the most pessimistic scenarios. These developments are due to older and newer energy policies. What we see is the mirror of our actions in the energy field. The lack of a Law on Reducing Energy Poverty and helping vulnerable customers will create major difficulties for millions of Romanians next year,” said AEI president, Dumitru Chisalita.

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