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Adrian Paraschiv, Photomate: Energy consumption analysis is essential before investing in own generation systems

29 June 2022

Energy consumption analysis is the most important element to be taken into account before investing in your own energy production systems, stressed Adrian Paraschiv, Photomate Country Manager, at the conference “Sustainable Communities – Sibiu”, organized by Energynomics and SmartiCity. “Now prices are capped, but it is not clear how long this support measure will be applied, and energy costs are an increasingly important part of business plans, given the impact of these costs”, Adrian Paraschiv stressed.

Consumers can be very different, from a municipality to a large industrial producer or a household. However, regardless of the type of consumer, “we can significantly reduce electricity bills by investing in a renewable energy system. The cost is known, it is the cost at the time of implementation, and the guarantee period is 15-20 years. The payback period ranges from 4-5 years to 7-8 years, depending on consumption, so we can expect that an investor in PV systems will have free energy for at least 3 years or more,” calculated the country manager of Photomate.

Photomate is a partner of Huawei that distributes Huawei FusionSolar equipment for photovoltaic power generation in Central and Eastern Europe. “In all the countries where we operate there is a constant demand for energy independence solutions, and the fastest growing solution is given now by photovoltaic systems,” said Adrian Paraschiv. These systems are ideal for industrial customers operating on a single shift, from morning to afternoon. “For factories that also work with shifts 2 and 3, I hope that high-capacity energy storage systems, capable of supplying renewable energy for the entire period of operation, will soon be available in Romania, too,” he added.

The technology has already advanced enough to allow energy production at reasonable cost, electricity storage included. “Prices in Romania are still lower than in the rest of Europe, but I expect prices to level out in the future,” said Adrian Paraschiv.


In the countries where it operates, Photomate has already delivered and is in the process of implementing commercial storage solutions of up to 2 MWh. In Romania, some legislative clarification is still needed for such solutions to start becoming reality, Adrian Paraschiv added. “The future is the integration of all equipment – photovoltaic systems, energy storage, electric car charging stations, etc. – and their operation through remote, automated applications.”

The conference “Sustainable Communities – Sibiu” was organized by Energynomics and SmartiCity with the support of partners Bosch, E.ON, Flash Lighting Services, Integrisoft, Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe, MET Romania Energy, Photomate, Signify.

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