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A. Dumitriu (Chimcomplex): Romania needs a country plan for the chemical industry

28 July 2020

It is time to have a strategic thinking and a country plan related not only to energy, but also to the chemical industry, considers Adrian Dumitriu, CFO Chimcomplex. “Imports of chemicals represent 8 billion euros annually, although Romania has competitive advantages as it has raw materials well-qualified workforce and a solid technological base, as there is still a set of functional assets at the national level,” he said at EnergynomicsTalks.

Romania is an energy market characterized by insularity, with very high prices. “It is difficult for us to have predictability and I could say that our industry has been hit since 2019, when energy market prices exploded – let’s not forget the effects of GEO 114/2018, corroborated by the sudden increase of CO2 certificate prices,” he said.

“I am waiting to be compensated for the inefficiency transferred to me as an economic agent by the Romanian state when it introduced ordinance 114/2018 and increased my energy price in 2019 and 2020, which created a competitive disadvantage,” said Adrian Dumitriu.

Chimcomplex is interested in identifying partners “with the help of which we can also contribute to increasing the capitalization of the gas reserves we have in Romania”. Already, Chimcomplex has important projects underway, including the capture of hydrogen and its use in the production of thermal energy. “We have a new polyol factory finished in proportion of over 70% on the platform from Vâlcea. Although we need PVC, because Romania is an importer of PVC, this factory is not working, because it lacks the raw material”, he added.

EnergynomicsTalks is an editorial product launched by the Energynomics communication platform aiming at encouraging a constant professional dialogue in the Romanian energy community during the state of emergency and amid the restrictions imposed by social distancing approach.

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