We combine creativity and innovative spirit to design and implement strategies that capture the essence of the brand and deliver results.

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Build on the benefits of an integrated approach through Energynomics!

Serviciile de PR oferite de Energynomics sunt integrate cu toate activitățilThe PR services offered by Energynomics are integrated with all the activities of the Energy Communications Platform Energynomics, which include the www.energynomics.ro portal, Energynomics MagazineEnergynomics events, our online social media channels: YouTubeFacebookLinkedIn.

Key advantages

Dedicated to energy

The focus on a single industry allows for detailed knowledge of each relevant theme as well as anticipating trends following ongoing contact with relevant players, industry, authorities and regulatory bodies.

Extended reach

Since 2013, Energynomics has built a wide network of connections, partnerships and collaborations with all relevant actors, in order to maintain a pragmatic dialog aimed at contributing to the development of business in the Romanian energy industry.

B2B approach

The very concept of Energynomics is dedicated to the development of the energy industry in Romania, by enabling efficient communication within a dynamic business community, including decision-makers from public authorities and NGOs.

Own communication channels

Energynomics has become an established name in the market through the quality of its editorial products (website, magazine, audio-video products, etc.) and the impact of its own-concept events that are already benchmarks taken into account in the calendar of each year’s (Spring Cocktail, Energy Strategy Summit, Energynomics Awards, Energy Breakfast Club, Energy Efficiency campaign, Regional Approach).

Multidisciplinary team

The Energynomics team brings together recognized experts in different but complementary fields such as publishing, legal services, sales and business development, PR and communication.

Flexibility and innovation

Every year has meant new Energynomics brand products and services in response to the needs and priorities of our business partners. The 2020 health crisis is the best example with numerous new publishing products released in the market (webinars, video conferences online, EnergynomicsTalks, 5ToKnow, etc).

Our Services

Corporate Branding & Web Design

We can create your strategy and / or communication plan: building logo, strategy and brand positioning, brand direction, image services, verbal and visual identity, value identification, mission and principles.

Advertising Production

Advertising production is how your company’s vision meets our advertising capabilities to impact your clients. We produce all forms of print media for your business.

Whatever your marketing strategy needs we can produce it: direct mail campaign, newspaper ads, brochures, outdoor billboards, exhibition stands, internet and news media. Everything is on time and on budget.

Tailor-Made Events & Conferences

We pride ourselves in our high standards and our attention to detail and provide a comprehensive service from concept and planning to marketing and delivery. We create, organize, manage and deliver some of Romania`s best events & conferences for energy companies.

OUR SERVICES Budget Creation & Management • Venue Selection • Event Registration • Vendor Negotiation • Equipment & Supply Rentals • Entertainment Booking • Travel Arrangements • Security & VIP Handling • Décor & Props • Food & Beverage Planning • Photography & Video • Website Creation • Printing & Mailing • Promotional Products & Corporate Gifts • Marketing Materials • Press Releases • Collateral Material Design • Surveys & Testimonials

FORMATS Conferences • Networking Events • Live Debates • Corporate Parties • Team-buildings • Press Conferences • Award Ceremonies • Gala Dinner • New Venue Presentation • Road Shows

Professional Photography

We can help you to make you and your business visible. Literally.

Whether you need an advertising photographer or pictures for brochures and websites, images from your plant, conference or meeting room, we ensure that you get what you really want. Our specialist photographer we’ll also help you make a better first impression by means of a complete personal brand photo portfolio.

Editorial content, copywriting and publishing services

We produce advertising materials, ghostwriting and offer publishing services (design, layout and printing): internal and external magazines (with the client’s own content, adapted content or created especially for the client’s needs, scripts for video spots and short films for advertising

Content for Video and Application Campaigns

AUDIO-VIDEO SERVICES Production • Professional filming events with one or more cameras • Professional studio or outdoor shooting for different products or locations • Directing LIVE video with video editing with multiple cameras (professional video mixer)

POST-PRODUCTION Digital video editing and video editing • Production of special effects, FX, both video and audio • 2D and 3D computer graphics • 2D and 3D digital animation • Professional video subtitles • Video conversion and transcoding

Media Campaigns

We can plan and execute communication campaigns fully adapted to your marketing needs, followed by media monitoring and a metrics-based report.

From press releases and advertising campaigns to the fast-moving online environment, we can help you inform your targeted audience about news and changes in your company.

We are able to provide complete access to an extended range of business media channels for print, online and TV exposure, as we are experienced in organizing live TV debates, in prime-time, hosting both major players in the energy industry altogether with the government officials.

Social Media Services
  • Social media account management: Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc
  • Newsletter solutions (concept, layout, writing, dissemination and reporting)
Consultancy for PR Activities
Consultancy in Digital PR