TMK Hydroenergy Power completes a new pumping station with an investment of 3 million lei


TMK Hydroenergy Power, part of the CEZ Group in Romania, recently completed one of the most important investment works, with a budget of almost 3 million lei, in order to support Romania to reach the European targets regarding the green energy target.

The Timiș Trei Ape pumping station, part of the hydropower system in Caraş Severin, benefited from a second transformer and another modern, multi-stage pump, manufactured by Sulzer. This station has a role both in transporting water for green energy production, but also to supply water to industry in the area, but also to the water plant, in order to supply water to the inhabitants of Resita.

By installing the second transformer, both the safe operation of the pumping station is ensured, but it also serves as a safety in the electricity supply of the commune of Brebu Nou – Gărâna.

With the new investment, the water is pumped from the Timiș Trei Ape accumulation lake to the Semenic Canal, at a height of 212 meters. The volume of water is thus processed in the Crăinicel 2, Breazova and Grebla Hydropower Plants.


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