Six Romanian experts join the Jury for the energynomics Awards 2014


Six of the best experts in the Romanian energy industry in Romania join to jury the candidate projects and people for the second edition of energynomics Awards! The projects will be collected between September 20 and October 24, and jurors will cast their votes online, on

To select the winners, the jury will examine each application based on three fundamental principles.

SUCCESS – the proposals should prove commercial success in the activity sector of the respective company.
IMPACT – the proposals must have measurable impact on the energy sector, upon the community or the economy as a whole.
INOVATION – the proposals should have introduced the Romanian energy sector with certain products / services / innovative business practices which contribute to the healthy development of the business.

Valeriu Binig, partner, Ernst & Young

Roberto Musneci, partner Serban & Musneci Associates

Radu Dudau, co-founder & director EPG

Iulian Iancu, president CNR-CME

Sergiu Sebeşi, president, CSR Nest Association

Cristian Sporiș, vice-president Corporate Division Raiffeisen Bank

The energynomics Awards statuette was designed and made in bronze at the request of, by the effort and the inspiration of the renowned plastic artist Adrian Ilfoveanu.

Awards and categories
The energynomics Awards are celebrated annually, starting from 2013. The Awards have a symbolic character, i.e. it is a non-financial award. Their primal aim is to recognize the excellency in the energy business, promoting the companies, ideas and people most consistent with the following criteria:

Best Corporate Citizen

The award honours the company with the most important impact upon the community in which it operates (donations, sponsorships, responsibility towards the environment, other forms of CSR).

Energy Efficiency

The award rewards the company that implemented a remarkable energy efficiency project at national or local scale, by the amount of energy consumption reduction obtained, by the favorable impact to the business and the environment, by the financing attracted, and by the performance in communicating the project as a landmark model of good practice.

M&A Deal of the year

The award honors the company that managed the most important procedure for purchase / controlling stake / merger / farm-in / farm-out. Among the analysis criteria: size and impact of the operation (based on size of the original company), the development prospects of the company results, the degree of innovation.

Financing of the year

The award honors the company / companies that managed the most inventive and of impact funding for the energy sector in Romania. Among the analysis criteria: the structure of the grant agreement, the impact upon the financed company, the anticipated growth for the business, benefits for the shareholders.

Best new-comer / Best turn-around

The award honors the company that came with the most interesting novelty this year: new entrant in Romania, domain extension, new major scale project, unused technologies until today.

Executive of the year

The award honors the most innovative and inspirational manager in the industry. Among the analysis criteria: the executive proved leadership, contributed to the company’s growth, introduced and implemented new strategies.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The award honors an energy industry personality from Romania (capacity for leadership, contributions to the development of the company, has introduced and applied innovative business strategies, leader of thought).

Outstanding Development

The award honors the company that has stood out by one specific accomplishment, something with great impact that raised the public attention and became a benchmark in the industry, throughout the year.

Young Energy Expert

This award category is open to all under 35 years old Romanian professionals with up to 10 years’ experience in in the industry. The Young Energy Professional Award is the result of a partnership between and RNC-WEC’s VLER. The award recognizes work and achievements in 2015, relevant within the Romanian or regional energy sector.

20 September to 24 October – Gathering the candidate projects
October 24 – The projects are submitted to the Jury
November 10 – The Jury completes its first evaluation of projects. Jurors may request
additional information.
November 15 – The Jury receives requested information
November 20 – The Jury will determine the winning projects – based on the points (from 1 to
5) awarded to each project, by each Juror.
November 27 – The Awards Gala and handing of the statuettes for energy in 2014
To register and benefit from this premium exposure and – why not ? – to win one of the prizes, write us at

The energynomics Awards 2014 enjoy the support and trust of the most reputed institutions and associations of local energy. Among them: CNR-CME, CRE, ROEC, UPG, Aspen Institute, ROGBC, EPG and RPIA. The energynomics Awards is a mostly self-financed project, proposed and organized by Wing Media Energy Consulting, through, and its partners.


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