Difficult conditions for heating: Water losses increase


Given the fact that last winter there were 3,500 damages in the RADET network, the huge losses in the network require additional water flows close to the closing limit.

“The 2,000 tonnes per hour add-on water flow is one that Elcen cannot sustain for long. Our contract with RADET is up to 1,900 tons. We can support 2,000 tons and a little but not for long. It is true that last year there were peaks of 2,000 tons. We are in a dangerous area,” said ELCEN’s special administrator Claudiu Creţu, present at a debate on the thermal issues organized by Expert Forum, quoted by e-nergia.ro.

The wastewater flow is actually the loss of the RADET network, which must then be replaced. Last winter, it reached 2,000 tons per hour, water flowing from the old RADET pipes into the ground. This parameter deteriorated very quickly, given that, in 2016, the flow rate was only 1,200 tons.


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