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Constanta wants to convince citizens to give up the heating units in the apartments

2 April 2024

Constanta City Hall has a plan to persuade citizens to reconnect to the public heating and hot water system through a pricing policy, as the heating units in the apartments are considered polluting and will soon be charged extra, said Vergil Chitac, mayor of Constanta.

“We can consider that this is a zero moment for Romanian administrations to start building cogeneration plants. Gas-fired power plants compete unfairly with the public district heating system because we pay for carbon certificates, while other plants do not. From 2040, the heating units in the apartments will be banned and we must prepare for this,” said the mayor, at the conference “Digitalization and Energy Efficiency – Constanța”.

Chitac said there needs to be a change in this sector and everyone needs to be more careful about the volumes of gas they consume.

In the city of Constanța, the City Hall is investing a total of 250 million euros in a cogeneration thermal power plant and in the rehabilitation of the transmission and distribution network.

On the other hand, Romania’s energy security is closely linked to the exploitation strategy of Black Sea resources.

“One way to strengthen energy security is to exploit Black Sea resources. With the war in Ukraine, Dobrogea has become a pole of stability in the region and energy from the Near Sea has become essential for the energy security of the whole of Europe,” said the mayor.

He said that gas exploitation in the Neptun Deep field was long overdue, and that there are not just 200 billion cubic metres of gas there, but five or six times that amount. In addition, some of this gas could be exported to Europe.

The conference “Digitalization and Energy Efficiency – Constanța” was organized by Energynomics, with the support of our partners: ADC, Elektra Renewable Support, FPPG, WALDEVAR Energy.

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