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Young Energy Professional – 2022 Energynomics Awards Nominations

7 December 2022

We continue to present the 2022 nominations for the Energynomics Awards, with the “Young Energy Professional” award. Four candidacies were registered. Only one of them will be rewarded at the Gala on December 8, but each company and all the people involved in these projects deserve our respect and the widest promotion. We thank all the companies and personalities who got involved in this effort to draw the image of the Romanian energy industry in 2022 through its successes!


Adrian Săcuiu and Octavian Roșca – VOLT EVSE Distribution

Adrian Săcuiu, currently 30 years old, a graduate of the Politehnica University of Bucharest and a software engineer, founded the company VOLT EVSE Distribution in 2016. Along the way, later joining Octavian Roșca, currently 30 years old, is an energy engineer and a graduate of the same universities. Together, they managed to create a software solution that reduces the time to complete an early technical project in just a few seconds. The software program has been used strictly for financing Electric-Up generating a 100% success rate.

Having experience and an entrepreneurial mindset, the two managed in the last year to develop a team of 30 young professionals, ready to face the challenges and the demand in the market. Developing both their soft and hard skills, the 30 young people managed to further prepare a group of six students of the Politehnica University of Bucharest who participated in the Volt Academy internship program. Of the six participating students, three of them currently work within the Volt company.


Gabriela Oprea – Distribution Oltenia

Gabriela Oprea is a graduate of the Apprentice Electrician program of the Energetic High School in Craiova, class of 2020, Electrical field, professional qualification Electrician operating power plants, stations and electrical networks. Gabriela is also the first graduate of the Electrician Apprentice project to successfully complete the paid internship program, Electrician Junior, joining the Oltenia Distribution team in March 2021. Later, in April 2021, she was promoted to the role of Electrician PRAM, and as an employee of the Craiova 110 kV Operation Center, she is in continuous development through the accumulation of information and experience.


Oana Leu – Transelectrica

Oana Leu works as an expert in electrical networks, and her nomination for this award is due to the preparation and implementation of a complex project, with a high degree of innovation. DigiTEL Smart Lines aims to install online monitoring systems on 23 transport LEAs, implementing the DLR concept in order to increase the transport capacity of LEAs.

The DigiTEL Smart Lines project has a high degree of complexity, aiming to monitor a number of 23 LEAs, of which all 10 LEAs are interconnected with neighboring countries. Transelectrica is the first network operator in Romania to implement DLR technology, and this project being one of the largest projects of a network operator worldwide aimed at implementing this technology.


Timea Farkas – UTCN/Servelect

Timea was involved in the preparation and then coordination in Romania (2020-2022) of the project focused on supporting SME companies to accelerate their energy efficiency growth in the current context in which the energy crisis has made this field an up-to-date one.

The element of impact brought by Timea is related to the identification and effective support of more than 15 companies in the industry to apply and actually win non-reimbursable grants from Norwegian funds for increasing energy efficiency and installing renewable sources, with a total budget of more than 12 million euros invested, i.e. annual energy savings already partially materialized of over 17,000 MWh/year aggregated.

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