V. Popescu: Romania has no problems regarding the supply of natural gas during the winter


The Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment informs that there are no problems regarding the provision of natural gas to consumers during the winter period of 2019 – 2020.

Domestic production in Romania is of about 28 million cubic meters/ day, the stock of natural gas stored in underground storage facilities is of about 2,360 million cubic meters, 1,364 million cubic meters more than in the same period of last year, and the daily extraction capacity is between 25 and 28 million cubic meters for the period of January-February 2020, higher than the daily extraction capacity available last winter, of 20 million cubic meters/ day.

“From the moment of taking over the portfolio of Minister of Economy, Energy and Business Environment my priority was the preparation for the cold season. The current Government is better prepared than the previous one to manage the winter period. We have more gas reserves, we have higher extraction capacities, although we can and should invest more in extraction from deposits. I am regularly demanding for information and data regarding the situation of gas imports and I can say that about 5-5.5 million cubic meters/ day is imported from Hungary, as much as necessary, and from Bulgaria, at the interconnection with Ruse we do not import, but export about 0.1 million cubic meters/ day. At the interconnection of Negru Vodă-Kardam, we import as much as necessary – about 0.1 million cubic meters/ day,” said Virgil Popescu, Minister of Economy, Energy and Business Environment.

“As for the connection with Ukraine, at this moment, at the interconnection point Isaccea – Orlovka are imported about 5.5 million cubic meters/ day. From the information received from Transgaz, I can announce that SNTGN Transgaz offers at all interconnection points a firm capacity of 44.2 million cubic meters/ day, which is more than sufficient for the maximum import requirement in very low temperatures: of 20 million cubic meters/ day. At this moment, gas imports in Romania amount to about 10.8 million cubic meters/ day. I am monitoring the situation daily and there is no cause for concern regarding gas supply for this period,” added Popescu.


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