US will use ”all available means” to stop completion of Nord Stream 2 pipeline


US government is increasing pressure on the German government to halt the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, Hans Monath writes for Tagesspiegel. President Joe Biden is not willing to compromise on the project and is “determined to use all available means to prevent the completion of Nord Stream 2,” U.S. Berlin embassy spokesman Joseph Giordono-Scholz told the publication, according to CLEW. Proponents of the pipeline say it is key to Europe’s gas supply security, while opponents want to stop Nord Stream 2 on environmental, geopolitical and security grounds. German representatives are exploring whether concessions on trade issues or the offer of German investments in renewable energy in the EU and Ukraine could appease the U.S., Monath added. Germany’s foreign office did not comment on the reports.

Germany’s possible offers include massive investments in the expansion of hydrogen technology in Ukraine, the article says. Such a move would facilitate the transition to non-fossil energy sources in the country, which currently generates income from the transmission of Russian gas. The Ukrainian government has declared the expansion of renewable energy sources as a major goal for the country.

Giordono-Scholz reiterated the US threat of punishing companies involved in the Nord Stream 2project: “We will continue to register any organisation that may be involved in any sanctioned activity, and have made it clear that any company risks being penalised for participating in Nord Stream 2.”

German foreign minister Heiko Maas has accused the U.S. of double standards. “There are countries that ask us to stop construction work, even though they themselves are increasing their heavy oil transports or imports from Russia at the same time,” Maas said during a parliamentary debate in February.


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