Transgaz announces that the reverse flow from Isaccea to Orlavka is operational


Transgaz, through its subsidiary, Eurotransgaz, bought Vestmoldtransgaz, transforming it into a private company, says Marius Stoica, advisor to Transgaz’ general manager, Ion Sterian, presenting the stage of the gas pipeline during the first edition of the conference series “Regional Approach: Partners in energy – global expertise, local opportunities”, organized by, in Chisinau.

“Our investment in the Republic of Moldova consists of a gas pipeline linking Ungheni to Chisinau. It is a 110 km pipeline. In addition to this gas pipeline, we also have four regulating and measuring stations ”.

The project involves the construction of a pipeline with a diameter of DN600 mm, approximately 110 km long and 4 pressure regulation measuring stations (SRMs). The interconnection of natural gas transmission systems between Romania and the Republic of Moldova is correlated with another important investment of SNTGN Transgaz SA, respectively the implementation on the territory of Romania of the project “SNT Developments in the North-East area of Romania in order to improve the natural gas supply of the area as well as ensuring the transport capacity to the Republic of Moldova”.

Both projects are designed in such a way as to increase the current transport capacity to the North-East area of Romania and – through the Iași – Ungheni (already functional) interconnection pipeline – to ensure the natural gas flows and the necessary pressures to the Republic of Moldova.

“The construction of the gas pipeline takes place at the same time as the modernization of the pipeline in Romania and is part of the development of the gas transmission system in the Northeastern part of Romania. In order for this project to be built in an optimal time, it has been divided into several lots, each of the seven lots being built by another builder”.

What is the status

The contract related to Lot 1, having as object “Natural gas transport pipeline Dn 600, 26.07 km, located within the Ungheni and Nisporeni districts”, respectively that related to Lot 2 having as object “Natural gas transport pipeline Dn 600, length 35.89 km located, within Calarasi rayon”, were concluded with the association CIS GAZ SA – ROMINSTA SRL – CIS GAZ SERVICII S.R.L. on 23.04.2019 and entered into force on the same day. On 02.05.2019, the Order to start the works was issued, and on 08.05.2019 the site was handed over.

For batch 1, about 24 km of tubular material were received, welding works were carried out and, in parallel, work was undertaken on the uncovering of the vegetal layer on the linear thread (in total, about 14 km) and the transport of the pipe from the yard on the working corridor.

At present, for batch 2 the works for the site organization were completed and work is underway to uncover the vegetal layer along the pipeline route (over 9 km) and also the preparatory works for the initiation of welding. More than 5 km of tubular material were delivered.

The contract related to batch 3, having as object “Natural gas transport pipeline Dn 600, 32.18 km, located in the district of Strășeni” was signed on 19.04.2019 with the association ACI CLUJ S.A. – ROMINSTA S.R.L.- INDPRODCOM S.R.L. – S.R.L. SERIGO DECOR. On 24.04.2019, the contract entered into force and the site was handed over, with the issuing of the Order to start the works on 02.05.2019. Up to now, the site organization has been completed, 2 km of tubular material have been received and works of uncovering the vegetal layer have been carried out on the route (approximately 1 km). At the same time, equipment and machinery for the start of construction work for were brought.

The contract related to batch 4, having as object “The natural gas Dn 600 pipeline, length of 15.86 km, and Dn 300 natural gas pipeline, length of 2.6 km, located on the Chisinau municipality area” was signed on 11.03 .2019 with the association ACI CLUJ SA – ROMINSTA S.R.L. – TO. ELECTROMONTAJ. The site was delivered on 18.04.2019. Up to now, 3 km of tubular material and 1 curvy truck have been received. At this time, tracing and uncovering works of vegetal layer on the working corridor, and welding works have begun. During the next week, a ship will deliver 15 km of tubular material to Giurgiuvești port, for batch 3 and batch 4.

The contract related to batch 5, having as object “SRM Semeni, SRM Petricani, SRM Ghidighici, SRM Tohatini, Bidirectional gas measuring point Tohatin and Automation and security” was signed with the association TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE S.R.L. – S.R.L. QUARTZ MATRIX on 15.04.2019 and entered into force on the same day. On 17.04.2019, the Order to start the works was issued, with the delivery of the site on 18.04.2019. At this moment, the executor carries out activities of design of the technological installations, concurrently with the purchase of materials, and in parallel work is being carried out for the construction of construction sites, as well as construction work for the SRMs.

The batch 6 is a small, connecting one, which was awarded in April, but the two companies could not present the guarantee of good execution in time and the acquisition was resumed, with the bids scheduled to be open very soon, Stoica explained.

The contract related to batch 7, having as object “Ghidighici administrative complex – consisting of six buildings, main office building, industrial hall with mechanical workshop and warehouse, gate building, laboratory building, PSI pump building, Natural Gas Measurement Station (SRM Ghidighici) and which will constitute the administrative headquarters of Vestmoldtransgaz” SRL” was signed on 14.01.2019 with the association ACI CLUJ SA – IMSAT SERVICE S.A. – S.R.L. ABCONY SERV. On 06.02.2019 the contract entered into force and the Order for the commencement of works was issued.

“Romania has made the reverse flow operation from Isaccea to Orlavka operational, and this will allow gas to flow from Romania to Ukraine, also allowing the gas supply to the Republic of Moldova”, Marius Stoica also said.