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Transelectrica has eight 200 million euro digitalization plans in the pipeline

13 June 2024

Transelectrica has eight digitalization projects with a combined value of 200 million euro and is working on the creation of a laboratory for testing digital technologies, a first in south-eastern Europe, said Mihai Marcolț, Head of Research & Innovation Office, Transelectrica.

“We need to take steps in the area of digitisation and we need to take them now because otherwise, if we miss the start, we will certainly not be able to reach those targets. We have a lot of plans in terms of digitalization, but it comes with the cyber security side,” Marcolț said at the DigitALL 2024 conference organized by Energynomics.

The state-owned company has eight nationwide digitisation projects, monitoring of critical assets, projects in which it is considering using virtual and augmented reality or drones to scan its equipment.

Transelectrica has also started building a laboratory for testing digital technologies and more, a first in South-East Europe. It will be built in collaboration with Politehnica Bucharest, on the institution’s land, and will be used to train Transelectrica employees and students from Politehnica. The company is also working on the development of new-generation power transmission masts.

With the data centres, a new consumer has appeared in the national energy system, and this is positive because it makes up for the disappearance of industry in the country. Another positive is the increasing number of electric cars which, along with renewables, reduce pollution or move it to other areas outside the cities.


“It’s good that new consumers are emerging to replace what has disappeared, which is the industry. The infrastructure is ready, we come with renewables but it’s useless if we have nowhere to consume it,” he added.

DigitALL 2024 was organized by Energynomics, in partnership with reputed organizations such as the CIO Council, with the support of our partners: Corning, Datacor, Eaton Electric, Enevo Group, Procesio, Siemens, Sixt, Vertiv.

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