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Mihai Mladin: The classic way of operating the energy system is no longer valid

13 June 2024

The traditional way of operating the energy system is no longer valid today due to the increase in renewable energy. The variability of this energy and the difficulty of accurately estimating it requires the adoption of real-time monitoring and rapid response solutions, said Mihai Mladin, Head of R&D&I at the Romanian Energy Centre, at the DigitALL 2024 conference organized by Energynomics.

“The only way to operate energy systems efficiently is through digitisation. At EU level, there are initiatives that all Member States need to respond to in order to meet the new challenges of the energy transition. This has two main triggers: increasing the share of green energy and distributed generation, which in turn trigger the third factor – energy digitisation. However, we also need to consider the associated cyber risks,” he said.

Mladin mentioned the CyberSeas project, run by 26 organisations from 10 European countries, with a budget of 10 million euros, which aims to generate cyber security solutions and countermeasures in the energy sector. The main objectives of the project are to counter cyber risks related to attacks with the highest impact on energy systems, to protect consumers from cyber attacks and ensure the protection of personal data, and to consolidate energy data at European level to ensure better coordination and efficiency.


“There are currently 30 cybersecurity solutions being tested, including one at Transelectrica. Of these, 20 have a high degree of technological maturity and are approaching the point where they can be brought to market,” Mladin added.

DigitALL 2024 was organized by Energynomics, in partnership with reputed organizations such as the CIO Council, with the support of our partners: Corning, Datacor, Eaton Electric, Enevo Group, Procesio, Siemens, Sixt, Vertiv.

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