Transelectrica announces new modernization works in Moldova


Transelectrica announced new works for refurbishment and modernization of the transformer power stations in stations such as Bacău Sud, Roman Nord and Focșani Vest.

„The modernization of the Bacău Sud and Roman Nord substations belonging to the 400 kV Moldova Axis, as well as the modernization of the Focșani Vest substation will contribute to the safety and continuity of supply of the users in this area. We aim to ensure the reliability of the National Energy System. Therefore, strengthening the infrastructure of the Electric Transmission Network is one of the priority investment areas of the Company. An important goal that we pursue with perseverance is to bring to modern standards of operation of all power plants we operate. In this way, we provide the right interface for achieving the energy transition, a process in which the transmission operator and the national system have an essential role,” said Cătălin Nițu, president of the Transelectrica Directorate, following a work visit.

“By covering the entire modernization process, the stations will be brought to a technological level that facilitates safe operation and will complete a major project previously completed, which had as object the transition to 400 kV voltage of the axis constituted by Gutinaș stations , Bacău Sud, Roman Nord and Suceava. Also, the refurbishment of the Focșani Vest station will contribute to the increase of energy efficiency for the Moldova area,” says Bogdan Marcu, member of the Transelectrica Board of Directors.

The investment for Bacău Sud and Roman Nord, with a total value of over 38 million lei, was started in 2017. The project includes 6 stages of development, in advanced stages (3 stages for Bacău Sud station and 3 stages for Roman Nord station). The works are carried out in accordance with the execution schedule provided in the contract, so far, being implemented the first two stages of the refurbishment project of each station. The deadline for the completion of the works in Bacău Sud station is estimated in the second quarter of this year and for the Roman Vest station the deadline for completion of the works is estimated in the third quarter of this year. For Focșani Vest station, the investment was also started in 2017 and amounts to over 22 million lei. Currently, the project is in the penultimate stage of refurbishment, and the deadline for the completion of the works is expected for the end of 2021.


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