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Timișoara receives most of the money from the budget for district heating

5 August 2022
District Heating

The total value of the funds allocated by the Ministry of Development in the previous season to ensure the heating of the population in a centralized system was of 360.9 million lei, the beneficiaries being 27 administrative-territorial units at the level of which centralized heat energy supply systems operate, for the purchase of fuel, natural gas or fuel oil.

Among the localities that benefited from these allocations, the municipalities of Timișoara (67,840,130.52 lei), Constanța (61,273,377.37 lei), Arad (40,997,859.05 lei) and Bacău (40,847,232, 88 lei) received most of the amounts, according to Transilvania Business.

“The allocation of funds was certainly a beneficial measure, through which we achieved our objective of ensuring the continuity of the supply of thermal energy, especially for the population, hospitals and educational institutions. We are confident that the local authorities are already preparing for the provision of thermal energy in the next cold season, for heating homes and institutions,” said Cseke Attila, Minister of Development.

According to the State Budget Law for 2022, MDLPA had a budget of 400 million lei to support the activity of administrative-territorial units in order to ensure the supply of thermal energy.

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