The Netherlands unveils planned 2023-2030 solar PV net metering scheme


The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Change of the Netherlands has presented plans for the future net metering scheme for residential PV systems, that will replace the existing one expiring in 2023. The proposed new net metering scheme would remain in force until the end of 2030, according to Enerdata.

Tariffs for selling extra power generation to the grid, which currently correspond to the wholesale electricity price, would be cut by 9% every year under the new scheme as of 2023 when they would represent 91% of the current tariff (down to 64% in 2026 and to 28% in 2030). As of 2031, residential solar PV systems will not receive any tariff for feeding excess power generation into the grid.

According to the Environmental Assessment Agency of the Netherlands, the installed PV capacity in the Netherlands could reach 27 GW by 2030.


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