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The Ministry of Energy relaunches the Tarnița-Lăpuștești plant project with 10 days of market consultation

28 July 2023

The Society for the Administration of Energy Participations (SAPE) has launched (in RO) a market consultation process to estimate the estimated price of building a storage capacity of up to 1,000 MW in a pumped storage hydropower plant (CHEAP) in Tarnița -Lăpuștești who can intervene in the balancing of the national energy system for durations between 4-6 hours.

The Ministry is looking for benchmarks for

  • The estimated value of the project
  • Duration of realization
  • The necessary documents to be made available to the provider
  • Identification of providers who benefit from the necessary experience for the preparation of documentation, for the provision of drafting services
  • The feasibility study in order to establish the need and opportunity to achieve the investment objective
  • Identifying possible technical-economic scenarios/options and selecting a limited number of feasible scenarios/options to achieve the investment objective
  • The feasibility study for the analysis, substantiation and proposal of at least two different technical-economic scenarios/options

At the same time, SAPE reminds that the “opportunity and necessity” of realizing the project are part of Romania’s Energy Strategy 2018-2030, based on 10 advantages:

  • increasing the degree of safety of SEN in the context of operation in UCTE;
  • the transfer of electrical energy from the load gap to the peak;
  • electricity market arbitrage;
  • short-term breakdown reserve;
  • fast tertiary adjustment reserve and slow tertiary adjustment reserve;
  • frequency-power adjustment;
  • provision of reactive reserve and voltage regulation in SEN;
  • exchange through interconnection within UCTE;
  • restarting SEN- black start capability, the ability to restore network interconnections in the event of a power failure;
  • SEN implementation and management of intermittent renewable sources of electricity ensuring optimal conditions for the installation of a power greater than 4000 MW in wind power plants.

Each participant in this market consultation process is expected to present by August 8, 2023, 12:00, in approximately 7 working days, a non-binding estimated offer as detailed as possible and in accordance with the requirements attached to this announcement. Additional information at [email protected] .

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