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The main battleground in the renewable energy industry is for land

19 March 2023

Renewable energy investors are fighting a “big battle” for land near power lines that can be used for large power generation facilities.

“At the moment there is a big battle on the renewable energy side”, said Andrei Câmpean, Business Development Manager at Wise Finance Solutions, at the conference “More renewables for Romania”, organized by Energynomics. “Everyone is now waiting for the Modernization Fund and everyone is looking for large areas as close as possible to the high voltage lines. People continue to invest and use more and more non-reimbursable sources of financing,” he added.

Wise Finance Solutions has over 14 years of experience and a large number of projects in the pipeline. The company specializes in attracting investors in Romania. The country is very attractive due to the money that will be allocated through the Modernization Fund, which will have an available amount of around 1 billion euros, with amounts broken down into several types of technologies and beneficiaries.

According to Câmpean, the granting of financing through this fund will open in May or June and will target the financing of investments in the production of electricity from solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, biomass and biogas sources.

He added that the financing level allocated to photovoltaic energy, of 425,000 euros for one MW installed, is “the first measure that allows companies to produce energy for the purpose of commercialization”.

“If the trend imposed by the European Commission is the transition to green energy, we can only comply and enjoy the available non-refundable financing”, Câmpean also said.

The conference “More renewables for Romania” was organized by Energynomics with the support of our partners among which ABB, ACE Industrial Software, BCR, Consolight, Eaton Electric, Elektra Renewable Support, EnergoPower, European Energy, Finder, Geminox, Huawei, ING Bank, LAPP Romania, Marsh & McLennan Companies, Phoenix Contact, Photomate, Prime Batteries Technology, REI Grup, Renomia-Gallagher, Valmont, Volt, Wiren România, Wise Finance Solutions.

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