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The concept of sustainability must be extended to cover every citizen

25 October 2022

The development of energy production in solar panels means that every citizen has the right to mount panels on his roof, and if access to sunlight is restricted, such disputes may be resolved in court.

“If until now the right to sunlight was something abstract, from this year on it is something quantifiable. So if he is affected by anyone, that one will have to pay. I even expect legal actions to take place if a wrongly issued building permit affects a neighbor whose solar installation is no longer working according to the originally designed parameters”, says Dan Fleșariu, CEO of Wiren Romania, during the “Sustainable Communities – Timișoara” conference, organized by Energynomics and SmartiCity.

This is the first year we operate at full speed in Romania – Dan Fleșariu, CEO of Wiren Romania

He mentioned that in future real estate transactions it will become very important that the respective building is equipped with photovoltaic energy production facilities, which will be an advantage for both the buyer and the seller.

At the same time, at the level of local public authorities, it is not enough to have a department dedicated to sustainability projects in a locality, but this concept must be extended to all citizens and must take into account the needs of each individual.

“A sustainable community cannot exist without sustainable individuals. At the level of local authorities, there should be a paradigm shift that would lead to its operation as a fully geared mechanism in the direction of sustainability. It is not enough to have a department that deals with this. The main paradigm shift must happen first of all in the urban planning department because all future urban planning plans must take into account the needs of the individual”, added Fleșariu.


Wiren has over 15 years of experience in consultancy, design, turnkey execution, monitoring and maintenance of photovoltaic projects. In the last 5 years, the company has installed more than 650 MWp installed in photovoltaic parks in Spain, Portugal and Romania. The company also started delivering energy storage solutions for both industrial and residential customers.

The conference was organized by Energynomics and SmartiCity with the support of partners ABB, Bosch, EximBank, Geminox, Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe, LAPP Romania, Novotrol, Phoenix Contact, REI Group, UP Romania, Wiren.


Throughout the event, Novotrol representatives answered participants’ questions. Novotrol is Baker Hughes Group’s channel partner for the Turbomachinery and Process Solutions (T.P.S.) and Flow & Process Technologies (F.&P.T.) divisions for Romania. “Our story started in 1996 with F.&P.T. Masoneilan Control Valves and Consolidated Safety Valves division. 27 years later we are still with F&P.T. but also with the Nuovo Pignone division from T.P.S. and with Thermodyn, thus offering more complete and complex solutions such as gas turbines and compressors”, told us Andrei Paraschiv, Sale Engineer Novotrol.

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