Tesla will install fast charging EV stations in four cities in Romania this year


Tesla has announced that it will install four fast charging stations of Supercharger type in Romania in 2021. The first city to benefit from tne new stations will be Timisoara, then Bucharest, Pitesti and Sibiu.

The station in the western city will be installed by the end of March, and the stations in the other cities will be installed by June 2021 at the latest. Although the site mentions that dates and locations may change, at this time the station in Bucharest appears to be built near the entry of the Aurel Vlaicu subway, the one in Timisoara – near the Continental Hotel, in Pitesti – in the Expo Park, and in Sibiu, near the Petofi Sandor passage, according to Green Report.

Tesla recently confirmed, according to automotive-today.ro, that it intends to open a showroom and a service on the Romanian market. On December 14, the American manufacturer published on the official website five job announcements for our country, all in Bucharest. In all job postings, Tesla explicitly mentions that it is preparing to officially debut on the Romanian market.

There are 2,000 Supercharger stations worldwide, with over 20,000 fast chargers.


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