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Study: 74% of Romanians are interested in having a sustainable lifestyle

17 September 2023
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Some 74% say they are interested in living a sustainable lifestyle, according to a new study by Reveal Marketing Research. Thus, ecological or “green” products and solutions are desired by 7 out of 10 Romanians, but perceived as still more difficult to access than conventional alternatives.

Reveal Marketing Research in collaboration with BIC, the CIPRA Association (Centre for Information, Risk Prevention and Analysis), Kaufland Romania, PRO TV, Stefanini Group and Volkswagen Romania produced the second edition of the national barometer on the perceptions, attitudes and behaviors of Romanians related to sustainability and how they have evolved compared to the similar study conducted in August 2022, in the context in which this topic is increasingly important in contemporary society.

The results of the barometer carried out by Reveal Marketing Research show that the ecological dimension of sustainability takes precedence in Romanians’ perceptions, to a significantly greater extent than the social or economic implications.

So, in the mindset of Romanian consumers, sustainability is mainly about using resources responsibly (30%) – especially by reducing waste and recycling, caring for nature and endangered species (14%) and adopting measures for reducing pollution and carbon emissions (11%).

Romanians are more aware and informed about sustainability issues, while the openness to changing behavior does not register increases compared to last year

More than 70% of Romanians believe that the solutions for the sustainability problems of the current society require concentrated efforts on the part of citizens as well as public and private institutions.

Compared to last year’s assessment, there is an increase in the level of information among the population regarding the subject of sustainability, but this has not increased the level of interest in adopting a sustainable lifestyle. Thus, 75% noticed that sustainability is being talked about more often lately (vs. 71% in 2022), while 74% say they are interested in leading a sustainable lifestyle (similar percentage to 2022).

In the view of Romanians, the protection of the environment (51%), the depletion of available resources (45%), the climate changes of recent years (42%), the reduction of waste (40%) and the impact on the quality of life (26%) are the main motivations for the basis of adopting a sustainable model in everyday life.

Moreover, the study data shows us that the impact on the quality of life (14%) and previous experience with the company’s products/services (14%) are the main attributes in choosing a product, after evaluating the price (15%).

Regarding the barriers to adopting environmentally responsible behaviors, study find people’s distrust in products and services presented as truly sustainable (60% vs. 53% in 2022), the high costs of sustainable products (59% vs. 65% in 2022 ) and getting used to the current lifestyle (56%). Compared to the 2022 barometer results, higher costs and lack of interest in sustainability (51% vs. 60% in 2022) are no longer the main obstacles to adopting sustainable practices.

“We notice that the general trends reflect an increase in awareness of the need to protect the environment, but at the same time we are also facing an increase in the uncertainties that hover over the real impact of sustainable products and practices. Erosion of consumer confidence can have many reasons. For example, considering the economic vulnerability that most Romanians currently feel and the fact that the prices of sustainable products are perceived as higher, it may make them wonder if these costs really justify the benefits of sustainability,” said Marius Luican, CEO of Reveal Marketing Research.

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