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Start in the evaluation of the projects registered in the ElectricUp financing program

10 April 2021

The Ministry of Energy announced on April 9 that the evaluation phase of the applications in the ElectricUp Financing Program has started. Applicants are urged to monitor the messages received through the dedicated platform and to respond in time to any requests for clarification or completion.

Launched in December 2020, the financing program for small and medium enterprises and HORECA is meant to support the installation of photovoltaic panel systems for electricity production with an installed power between 27 kWp – 100 kWp required for own consumption and delivery of surplus in the system national power plant, as well as recharging stations of at least 22 kW for plug-in hybrid electric and electric vehicles.

The amount with which the beneficiary can be financed can reach up to 100,000 euros; there is no own contribution requested from the beneficiary. The budget approved for the first financing cycle is 476 million lei, about 97 million euros. A maximum of 2,000 applications can be approved, at an average grant of 50,000 euros.

Except the minimum eligibility conditions for projects, the selection will be based on the coefficient of performance, which includes indicators such as the total amount of greenhouse gases (kg CO₂ equivalent) eliminated by installing photovoltaic panel systems, calculated over the entire lifetime of the project.

Technical information on the implementation of the project for which funding is requested and the model of the presentation form can be downloaded here (in RO), and the ElectricUp Guide is available here (in RO).

The program was received with great enthusiasm both by potential beneficiaries, by large energy service companies such as Enel or CEZ, and by equipment suppliers and vendors

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