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Spring Cocktail with over one hundred managers from the Romanian energy industry

24 March 2014
Don't miss!
Gabriel Avăcăriței

Over one hundred managers and decision makers from the Romanian energy industry have confirmed their participation at the Spring Cocktail 2014! On March 27, at the Cesianu Racoviţă Palace there will be present no less than 40 CEOs from large-scale companies in the Romanian economy. Altogether – over 30 sales executives and business development officers have already confirmed their participation.

To cope with the cosmopolitan touch of the industry there will join us over 30 foreign managers and experts, natives from 9 countries and 3 continents.

The whole Romanian energy industry will be represented by experts from the Oil and Gas, Electricity and Renewable sectors. From the support sectors there will be present decision makers in the areas of audit and consulting, legal, construction, supply of services and equipment.

Milan Kalal presents IDC’s forecasts for 2014

Our keynote speaker will be Milan Kalal, IDC Energy Insights’ lead analyst concerning the transformation of utility markets across Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the Middle East and Africa (MEA).

One of the governing ideas of the year is that flexibility is the only way to survive a dynamic and ever changing environment.

Striving to adapt and reinvent

The utilities industry is in the midst of a major paradigm shift. The rules of the game are changing, and utilities are striving to adapt and reinvent themselves to make the most of the ‘new normal.’ Renewable incentives have facilitated the development of distributed generation to the point that currently 3 million Europeans generate their own electricity and community-led energy initiatives are gaining traction, disrupting utilities’ traditional generation businesses. Additionally, while switching rates are still low in most European countries, Europe’s 510 million liberalized customers are ever more demanding, forcing retailers to step up their customer care game.

Flexibility – the “new normal”

Flexibility and innovation will be utilities’ ‘new normal,’ with pervasive digitalization and the integration of IT and operational technologies the cornerstone of transformation across the entire value chain. Performance pressures will continue in 2014. Utilities will need to get the most out of smart customer operations, asset management, smart grids and technologies, leveraging 3rd Platform technology.

Leadership for inovation

In 2014, utilities will invest in analytics, mobility, cloud, social media, and cyber security. CIOs will adopt alternative sourcing models to enable business agility and reduce IT investments. Different IT skill sets will be needed. Leadership and governance of OT and IT integration will be crucial to avoid undermining innovation.

Spring Cocktail – mixed by
Cultivate Different Views On the Romanian Energy Market

An additional contribution to the success of the evening will come from the fresh cocktails to be tested during the event. On March 27th, from 7 PM, for three hours, Cesianu – Racoviţă Palace will provide us an eclectic and sophisticated ambience, given the stucco and wall paintings in oil and numerous works of art housed here.

Spring Cocktail 2014 is an concept-event designed and produced by, with the support of its partners: SGS, CEZ Group, RVR Energy, Helvetansa and Marsay.

The top executives’ reunion for the Romanian energy market will linger on for some days, through the articles and reports proposed by our trustful media partners: The Money Channel, Adevărul, Nine O’Clock, Forbes România, România Liberă online.

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