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Solar Planners completed a 2.31 MWp PV system in Prundeni (Vâlcea)

25 September 2023

Solar Planners announces the successful implementation of the 2.31 MWp Photovoltaic Power Plant project, located in Prundeni commune, Vâlcea county. The project consists of the installation of 3,528 photovoltaic panels on an area of 2.7 ha.

The investment is expected to pay for itself in about 5 years, with an operating life of more than 25 years, an estimated annual production of 3.08 GWh and an emission reduction impact of 1439 tCO₂/year. Solar Planners also provides maintenance services for the entire lifetime of the installed system. The project is carried out with fast and accurate execution times and quality of work, thanks to its own fleet of high-performance pile hammering machines and qualified staff.

Solar Planners was established in July 2022, by partners with relevant experience in both solar projects and the energy market, as well as in financial services, consulting and management, playing the role of EPC as its core business. The services offered consist of design, procurement, construction and operation of PV solutions on its own behalf as well as for third parties. As secondary activities, Solar Planners is also involved in the production and supply of system components, the maintenance of installations in operation, the custom import of system components, and the take-back and management of the energy produced.

In carrying out its activity, Solar Planners uses both established structures, purchased directly from prestigious manufacturers, as well as optimized solutions, custom designed and developed as its own concept, and the equipment is partly procured as an authorized distributor, direct importer, or as the case may be, in direct relationship with official representatives for all necessary components of photovoltaic installations.

Solar Planners plans to develop similar projects in the near future as an active player in the solar energy industry in Romania.

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