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SOCAR interested in gas distribution in Bulgaria

24 July 2018

Azerbaijan’s state oil company SOCAR is interested in gas distribution in Bulgaria, Director of SOCAR Balkan company Murad Heydarov said.

Back in 2015, the Bulgarian government presented a set of projects on energy cooperation to Azerbaijan, according to

In particular, the Azerbaijani side was invited to participate in the construction of gas filling stations, invest in the construction of oil and gas storage facilities, oil refineries.

“The sphere of SOCAR’s interests in Bulgaria includes several potential projects, however the distribution of gas is currently on the agenda,” Heydarov said..

SOCAR’s interest in ensuring gas supply of Bulgarian cities was expressed during a meeting of Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boyko Borissov with Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev in January. SOCAR has already successfully invested in this sector in Georgia and can use this experience in Bulgaria as well.

SOCAR representatives set before the Bulgarian experts from the Energy Ministry a number of issues related to legislation on gas distribution, subsidies for households, the choice of natural gas as a source of energy, competitive advantages of gas over other sources.

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