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Smart city energy infrastructure can be constructed under concession agreements

5 March 2023

The concession of production, storage and energy supply services from renewable sources is an optimal solution for the development of the energy infrastructure of the smart cities of the future. “We are very interested in the concession area and we believe it is a solution for the development of infrastructure in cities. We would like to see better coordination in Bucharest as well”, said Octav Baciu, Green & Tech Project Coordinator at ENGIE Romania, at the “Smart Cities” conference, organized by Energynomics.

The company already has several projects with real estate developers offering them integrated energy solutions for individual homes, namely solar panels, electricity storage units, charging stations for electric car batteries and, where appropriate, heat pumps, too.

The company is interested in the development of smart cities from two different perspectives. The first direction concerns the installation of photovoltaic panels and charging stations in each individual house. The second direction is the development of public infrastructure, a segment in which the company already has a number of ongoing projects. “We are ready to implement them; these developments will prepare the future residential complexes for energy communities ready to generate flexibility or provide various other types of services. We want to scale this type of project to as many residential areas as possible”, Baciu added.


ENGIE Romania also has large projects in the management and user experience area. One of the company’s plans is to expand nationally a project aimed at the optimal use of electric car battery charging stations.

The “Smart Cities” conference was organized by Energynomics, with the support of our partners, among them ABB, ENGIE Romania, Finder, Flash Lighting Services, Photomate, REI Group, SIXT.

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