Schneider Electric installs a power management solution at the Dunapack Rambox plant


Schneider Electric has installed a complex and intelligent electricity management solution at the Dunapack Rambox plant in Bolintin Deal.

“At the Dunapack factory in Bolintin Deal, we were in an ideal situation, that of collaborating with the partner and the client since the construction design phase,” explains Catalin Bulagea, End User Key Account Manager, Schneider Electric Romania. “Of course, we have solutions for any type of situation in the industrial environment, but it is best when we are involved and we are asked for a project right from the construction phase of the building, because that way we can make sure we build an optimal solution, which responds specifically to the customer’s needs in the respective production unit.”

In addition to the 26 low voltage electrical switchboards assembled and installed with the help of Schneider Electric partner, Medium Electric, the solution proposed by the company for the Dunapack plant included automation through the BMS (Building Management System) solution for the production unit developed by IMSAT SA and an electric distribution solution with an encapsulated bar, Canalis.

For easier management of installed systems and solutions, Schneider Electric proposed the use of EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor, which significantly reduced the installation time of the equipment and subsequently offered the customer the opportunity to easily maintain the electrical installation.


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