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Rompetrol Bulgaria opened its 56th gas station in the city of Shumen

14 April 2020

Rompetrol Bulgaria, a company member of KMG International, officially opened a new gas station in Shumen, town situated 90 km West of the city of Varna, on the A2 Highway that links the Black Sea with the capital city, Sofia, the company announced. Shumen is well known for its modern facilities in the sectors of car dealers, construction materials & furniture stores.

Through the new investment, Rompetrol Bulgaria opened 11 job positions in the city and commits further to the development of the community, through jobs generated and contribution to the local budgets. In this way, the company shows a high level of responsibility, in a period when the economy sector in under heavy pressure.

“Rompetrol Bulgaria is a strong supporter of the community, and through this new investment, the company is also making a statement that our activity in Bulgaria will continue to grow, that we are in touch with the community needs and that we will support even more the economy in this country. The fuel station from Shumen was developed following our ambitious plans, which are fully aligned with the strategy of KMG International Group. Also we have already rebranded more than 80% of the service station chain externally, and the stations are built entirely according to the latest concept of the Group”, said Ivaylo Trendafilov, General Manager of Rompetrol Bulgaria LTD.

The station, that followed all the Rompetrol quality standards, is equipped, with modern facilities and services, using exclusively high quality fuels obtained in Romania by the Petromidia refinery.

Rompetrol Bulgaria places a strong focus on the quality it provides to the Bulgarian client. First-class Efix fuels are well known in the market for their specifications, and the products are designed with the optimum combination of additives and active ingredients, not only cleaning valves and injectors, but also reducing fuel consumption and improving engine performance.

Rompetrol Bulgaria’s new opened and current gas stations continue to operate under enhanced security measures. In the context of the rapid development of coronavirus, the company’s top priority is to ensure the protection and security of its employees and their families, as well as full support and preventative measures for all associates and clients using Rompetrol products and services.

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