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Romgaz would have to pay a profit surcharge of 906 mln. lei

18 January 2023
General Interest

Romgaz is to pay about 906 million lei on account of the solidarity tax, the amount being provided for in the draft budget of revenues and expenses for 2023, which will be subject to shareholders’ approval on February 20.

Thus, according to the project, published on the company’s website, in the chapter of expenses with taxes, fees and similar payments are provided: expenses with royalties calculated as a percentage of the physical production extracted and condensed (1,047,822,000 lei), the tax on additional income from the sale gas (2,202,924,500 lei), the contribution to the energy transition fund (1,794,800 lei), the contributions owed to ANRE (13,997,000 lei), the solidarity contribution (906,104,000 lei), as well as taxes on land and buildings, the totality of authorization, environmental and other taxes and fees, according to Agerpres.

Expenses with taxes and fees represent 55% of the total expenses of the company.

The Ministry of Finance transposed through the Emergency Ordinance, approved in the Government meeting of December 29, 2022, the provisions of the EU Regulation 2022/1854 which covers all member states and has as its main objective the protection of vulnerable categories of the population against the effects of the increase in energy prices and the financing of investments in strategic energy projects.

According to the Romanian authorities, as a result of this measure, 3.9 billion lei would be collected in a special fund. The solidarity contribution is 60% for what exceeds by more than 20% the average profits for the last four years, respectively 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. From the amount collected in this special fund, at least 70% will be distributed to finance investments strategic, as well as investments in energy efficiency and energy from renewable sources.

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