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Romania and Serbia near completion of the 400 kV transmission line between Resita and Pancevo

27 October 2017

Romania’s national electricity transmission company announced that on Wednesday it has completed the crossing of the border to Serbia with the 400 kV Reşiţa (Romania) – Pancevo (Serbia) transmission line. The connection of the electricity line section in Romania (Reşiţa – RO-SE border) with that in Serbia (Pancevo – the SE-RO border) is due to end on this weekend. Transelectrica states that this is one of the final stages in the realization of the interconnection project on the Romania-Serbia relationship.

The 400 kV Resita-Pancevo OHL is a project of common interest at European level and it realizes the interconnection with Serbia with the role of strengthening the Romanian national electricity system as wel as the South-East European one. The 400 kV Resita-Pancevo OHL will allow the elimination of major congestions in the area of the Romanian and Serbian power systems as well as the increase of the transfer capacity between Romania and Serbia and across the South-Eastern Europe.

“I am glad we have been able to unlock this important project for Transelectrica, in recent months. The works at the Resita-Pancevo line have a high level of complexity and engage specialists from many fields. In the West [of Romania], there is a major project – Mid Continental East Corridor – which contributes crucially to the strategic priorities of the European Union for trans-European energy infrastructure. The Resita – Pancevo line is part of this project, but also of ours, and of the Government’s strategy of closing the 400 kV ring”, said Corina Popescu, CEO of Transelectrica.

The Transelectrica official pointed out that this type of investment contributes to increasing Romania’s interconnectivity: “Now we are somewhere at 7.4%, and the mandatory target at European level is 10%. With this line completed, we will practically reach our target for 2020”, said Corina Popescu.

The 400 kV double circuit OHL Resita-Panchevo interconnecting Romania and Serbia crosses 11 administrative territorial units on Romania’s territory, belonging to Caras-Severin County (Resita City, villages Ezeris, Lupac, Dognecea, Goruia, Ticvaniu Mare, Berliste, Ciudanovita, Gradinari, Varadia and Vrani). The total length of the 400 kV OHL Resita-Panchevo is of 171 km, of which 63 on Romania’s territory and 68 on Serbia’s.

The contract for the construction of the 400 kV Resita-Pancevo OHL was signed in June 2014, with a value of 81,389,615.00 lei, at the date of signing.

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