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Ringhel enters SeedBlink platform to attract investors to its new no-code technology PROCESIO

13 July 2020

The Ringhel company is already known to the Energynomics audience, as one of the main partners in the field of energy digitization, including by implementing GeFEE platforms in many companies supplying electricity and natural gas in Romania. We learned more from Mihai Dârzan, CEO of Ringhel, about the new technology they are developing – PROCESIO.

Mihai Dârzan, where did the idea to develop this new technology come from and what is the connection between PROCESIO and the energy market?

The experience of developing and implementing our platforms for the energy market, the challenges in the energy market, as well as the desire to be faster in responding to the requirements of our customers inspired us to develop a new technology, namely PROCESIO. This will allow us to offer much faster and more diverse software solutions, depending on the customer’s needs. The IT area will experience essential technological transformations, and we have already taken the first steps in this direction. The results have already appeared and they are remarkable, so everything we develop from now on will be developed through new no-code PROCESIO technology.

We have found that many companies, and not just energy companies, face problems in designing and managing complex change processes. They need to respond quickly to market and regulatory changes to avoid wasting money and time. Even companies with complex software systems cannot keep pace with technological advances and digitization. Recruiting IT experts is difficult and expensive, and the need for more and more IT professionals and qualified technical IT staff is constantly growing. The truth is that many companies are losing opportunities because of the not enough flexible software tools they use, and this was fully demonstrated this year, when digitalization had its say.

What is new about Procesio technology and what makes it global?

PROCESIO is designed as a SaaS platform, which allows any employee, from any company, with minimal knowledge or even without programming skills to assemble ready-made software components, to create new applications to help streamline individual activity, at the department or even organization level. In other words, anyone who needs an application can create their own software product. The purpose of this technology is for business people to be able to design their own business flows, without having to write code, thus reducing the pressure on the IT department.

You have decided to list yourself on SeedBlink, the largest crowdfunding platform in Southeast Europe. How will this action help?

Ringhel is a company that wants to perform and innovate in the software market. Our ambitions are high, and this involves significant financial investments. Everything we have gained so far we have reinvested and will continue to do so, and because we need an accelerated pace in the development of no-code technology, we have decided to apply for funding. The idea of using SeedBlink for funding seemed very appropriate to us. Thus, on July 15, we will be in close contact with investors who will want to finance our company and support Procesio, the innovation in technology that we develop.

Who can invest in PROCESIO technology and how can they do it?

Any natural or legal person who wants to support the PROCESIO technology we are developing can invest in us, in this round, through Seedblink, from July 15th. The fundraising campaign lasts for a month, but we expect this round of investments to close quickly due to the major interest shown by investors. Certainly among Energynomics readers are investors who support technology and who want to be part of global technological progress. We invite them to join our project, through the SeedBlink platform.

You are in the second round of investment. How did the first round help you and how will the second round, which starts on July 15, help you?

The first round of investments, worth 200,000 euros, was that received earlier this year from InnoEnergy, an organization part of the European Institute of Technology. It helped us to support the growth of the PROCESIO team and to bring very well trained people in the project, respectively to increase the project team.

We aim that in March 2021 we launch the first commercial version of PROCESIO technology, and the second round of investments, respectively the one received through SeedBlink, will help us accelerate the development of technology and achieve our goal of launching and promoting PROCESIO technology internationally.

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