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Renovatio: Charity project worth 0.5 mln. euro for 53 institutions

11 September 2023

Companies from the Renovatio ecosystem, one of the main players in the field of solar energy and green technology in Romania, recently financed a charity project worth half a million euros, which involved the installation of 53 photovoltaic systems on the roofs of several schools, high schools, kindergartens and public and religious institutions from 12 counties of Romania.

Specifically, it is about photovoltaic panels that have been installed at 15 kindergartens, 19 schools, three high schools, six cultural homes, five dispensaries, a monastery, a gym, an educational center and two non-governmental organizations.

Thus, Renovatio ensured the financing of the “Education through Renewable Energy” Project, carried out by the Drag si Dor Pentru Comunitate Association.

“The 53 photovoltaic systems were installed in 12 counties in Romania. Thus, 24 systems were installed in Galați county, in Bacău – 6, in Ialomița – 5, in Călăraşi – 4, in Constanța – 4, in Satu Mare – 2, in Olt -2, in Dolj – 2, and in Giurgiu, Bucharest, Dâmbovița and Cluj – one system each”, said Doru Voicu, Strategy Director of the Renovatio Ecosystem of companies.

“By September 7, 2023, the systems have generated 45 MWh of electricity, according to the FusionSolar monitoring portal. We note that PV panels do not currently export their surplus to the electricity grid, but this will change in the coming months when they become prosumers. The production capacity has a total power of 340 kW, consisting of 52 systems of 6.15 kW each, while system number 53 has 14.35 kW,” said, also, Ionuț Procop, president of the Association of Drag and Dor For the Community.

In the first phase of the project, the intention of the association was to make the beneficiaries aware of the advantages of renewable energy. Furthermore, in the second phase, the Drag si Dor Pentru Comunitate Association intends to run an educational campaign about renewable energy, in the form of a caravan. The representatives of the association will visit the beneficiary communities and inform the interested residents about the performance of the photovoltaic systems, their impact and the immediate advantages.

The 15 kindergartens equipped with photovoltaic panels are located in Huruiești and Dealu Morii (both from Bacău county), Băneasa, Valea Mărului, Smulți, Vârlezi, Drăgușeni/Fundeanu, Țepu, Cudalbi and Negrilești (all from Galați county), Bucovăț and Plenița ( from Dolj county), Băneasa (from Giurgiu county), Amzacea (from Constanța county) and Ograda (from Ilfov county).

Furthermore, the 19 schools are from Tătărăști (Bacău county), Bălăbănești, Berești – Meria, Cerțești, Munteni, Nicorești, Poiana, Buciumeni and Tecuci (all from Galați county), Chirnogeni, Săcele and Comana (all from Constanța county), Alexandru Odobescu, Nicolae Bălcescu and Valea Argovei (all from Călărași county), Grivița, Gheorghe Lazăr and Căzănești (all from Ilfov county), as well as from Satu Mare.

Three high schools from Galati, Șăndărei and Onești are also beneficiaries of the project, and as for the cultural dormitories equipped with solar panels, they belong to the communities of Helegiu and Gura Văii (Bacău county), Dobrosloveni (Olt county), Gurbănești (Călărași county), Mărișel (Cluj county), as well as from the city of Berești (Galați county). Furthermore, a number of five dispensaries in Cavadinești, Corod, Jorăști, Suceveni and Brăhășești (all from Galați county) now have photovoltaic panels and so does Mănăstirea Adam (also from Galați county).

At the same time, the gym in Caracal (Olt county), the non-governmental and educational organizations, Save the Children from Bucharest, the ERC Educational Center from Satu Mare and MagiCamp from Dâmbovița county receive energy from the sun this year, being direct beneficiaries in within this project.

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