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Primary energy resources decreased by 9.2% last year, electricity down by 3.2%

11 February 2014
Bogdan Tudorache

Primary energy resources decreased by 9.2 % last year compared to 2012, to 30.95 million tons of oil equivalent (toe) and the electricity decreased by 3.2% to 58.94 billion KWh according to the National Institute of Statistics (INS).
The main primary energy resources last year totaled 30.95 million tons of oil equivalent, down to 3.13 million toe in 2012.
Domestic production amounted to 21.34 million toe, down 6.2% from the previous year, while imports were 9.61 million toe, with 15.3% less , INS said.
At the same time, energy resources were 58.94 billion KWh , down 1.97 billion kWh (-3.2 %) compared to 2012 , due to lower production of 1.02 billion kWh (-1.7%).
Production of power plants was 27.03 billion kWh, 6.14 billion kWh less (-18.5%) , while production of hydropower increased by 2.91 billion kWh (23.9%) , to 15.14 billion KWh , and the production of nuclear power with 152.2 million kWh (+1.3 %) to 11.61 billion KWh.
Production of wind power last year was 4.69 billion kWh, an increase of 2.05 billion KWh.
Final consumption of electricity was 49.78 billion kWh, up 6 % compared to the previous year , public lighting, a decrease by 12.6 % and household consumption by 1.3%.
Electricity export stood at 2.46 billion kWh, an increase of 1.31 billion kWh, 114.7% respectively. Own consumption in networks and stations was 6.68 billion kWh, down 87.2 million kWh (1.3% ).

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