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Oradea starts auctions for its parks and urban photovoltaic systems

8 August 2023

Six offers were recently submitted for the photovoltaic park on Matei Corvin street and for the photovoltaic systems for public buildings in Oradea, writes Transilvania Business. Thus, one bid was submitted for Lot 1 and five bids for Lot 2.

At the moment, they are in the evaluation stage of the qualification documents, after which the evaluation stage of the technical offers, the financial offers and the evaluation stage of the documents supporting the information from the DUAE (Single European Procurement Document) will follow.

For Lot 1 – “Photovoltaic park on Matei Corvin street, intended for the sale of electricity” bids were submitted by: Global Technical Systems, with SC Alpin Sun and Rel Mont as a third party supporter and SC Igna Construct as a subcontractor.

The Matei Corvin photovoltaic park will have 15,168 panels and will produce green energy that can be sold. The project is a first in Romania, as only two local public authorities, namely Oradea and Brașov, had such an initiative.

Thus, it is desired to install a photovoltaic power plant on a land area owned by the municipality of Oradea, located between Matei Corvin and Santaului streets, around the municipal waste dump. The plant will be connected to the National Energy System, thus contributing to the increase in electricity production from renewable sources and to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The photovoltaic power plant provides for the installation of 15,168 monofacial photovoltaic panels, each with a unitary installed power of at least 670 Wp, respectively the related electrical equipment – 48 175 kW inverters and 5 1,850 kVA step-up transformer stations. In each station, 10 inverters can be connected in parallel. The photovoltaic panels will be placed on special metal support structures.

For Lot 2 – “Photovoltaic system for public buildings”- bids were submitted by:

Ensys Renewable Solution – sole provider;

Global Technical Systems with SC Alpin Sun and Rel Mont as a third party supporter, with SC Igna Construct as a subcontractor;

Servelect SRL – sole bidder;

The association formed by Visual Fan (association leader) and Waldevar Energy (associate), with JTS Instal Construct as third party supporter;

The association formed by Telecomponenti Romania and TQM Services.

The six public buildings that are the subject of Lot 2 – “Photovoltaic system for public buildings” are: Rogerius Square – Agro-food Business Center, Antonio Alexe Arena, Partenie Cosma Economic College, Bihorul Sports High School, Social Aid Canteen and Multipurpose Hall.

The implementation of the project will bring benefits, such as the reduction of electricity consumption from conventional sources, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) as well as the decrease of operating expenses by lowering the costs of electricity at the level of public institutions in the Municipality of Oradea.

The financing of the projects is carried out through European funds, which are implemented through the International Financing Projects Management Directorate.

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