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OPCOM celebrates 22 years, DAM price jumps by 450 euro today, annual rate up in July by 300%

9 August 2022
Bogdan Tudorache

While OPCOM announces that it is celebrating 22 years, the price of energy on the DAM segment jumps by 450 euros, for the time interval 21-22.00 with delivery tomorrow, August 10, 2022.

OPCOM’s new July monthly report highlights an average price increase of 59.5% in real terms (relative to the euro) compared to June 2022. But compared to July 2021, last month DAM recorded a 291% increase in real terms reals, that is, almost a quadrupling of the price from 93.84 euros to 367 euros per MWh.

DAM also had a high market share in July, over 52% of the forecasted net consumption. The value of transactions compared to June 2022 increased by 72.5%, to 880.8 million euros, against the background of a volume (number) of transactions higher by only 9.2%.

Compared to July 2021, DAM volume of transactions increased by 18.3% and the market share increased by 27%, which means fewer transactions in the other segments.

On the PCCB-LE-FLEX segment, the bilateral contracts were traded at an average price of 393 euros/MWh in the long term, and those with delivery in July, with a market share of 35.5%, had a weighted average price of 105.76 euros/MWh.

Autor: Bogdan Tudorache

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