OMV Petrom’s hydrocarbon production slightly decreased in Q1


OMV Petrom’s hydrocarbon production in the first quarter of this year (Q1) was of 138,900 barrels of oil equivalent (boe)/day, down slightly from the previous three months, when it totaled 140,200 boe/day, according to preliminary data sent to the Stock Exchange.

In the same period last year, hydrocarbon production amounted to 150,300 boe/day.

The production of crude oil and condensate was, in January-March 2021, of 67,200 boe/day, and that of natural gas of 71,700 boe/day, according to Agerpres.

The total volume of hydrocarbon sales in the mentioned period amounted to 131,000 boe/day (141,400 boe/day in Q1 2020), of which sales of crude oil and condensate 69,600 boe/day and natural gas – to 61,500 boe/day.

Total sales of refined products amounted to 1.15 million tons (1.20 million tons in Q1 2020), and gas sales to third parties to 11.65 TWh (16.08 TWh in Q1 2020).

According to the company’s estimates, the net electricity production amounted to 1.18 TWh in the first three months.


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