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Niculescu: A threshold must be imposed on the installation of solar panels by prosumers

22 September 2023

The President of the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE), George Niculescu, stated that a threshold must be imposed on the installation of photovoltaic panels by prosumers, depending on their consumption needs.

“However, I do not believe in oversizing production facilities, in such a way as to excessively monetize this energy surplus that they produce. The measure (to stimulate prosumers, n.r.) was thought of as one of energy efficiency, cost reduction, in a period when we all saw very high prices for electricity and natural gas, and this measure helps us to reduce our utility bill. Today I observe situations in which, if I have a consumption on ATR (Technical Connection Notice , n.r.) of 5 kW at a house, and the roof allows me to install 20, so four times more, I succumb to the temptation, install 20 kW – and we end up in a situation where the 10th neighbor from the street will not be able to be connected or if it is also connected, then we will have problems with the low voltage distribution. That is why I think that a threshold should be imposed for these capacities, a percentage of what you consume, to be able to install it – we don’t necessarily want to stop, we don’t want to discourage this phenomenon. On the contrary, we want to make it a fair one and as a measure, as it was thought, of energy efficiency, not extra-monetization of a situation,” said George Niculescu, at the launch of the second issue of the Code of Good Practices for Renewable Energy, a project initiated by RPIA in collaboration with RWEA, according to Agerpres.

He emphasized that the prosumer segment “is growing, developing very, very well”.

“I encouraged and still believe in the role of prosumers as a measure of energy efficiency. I still believe that if we want to reduce our utility bills, we have to turn to the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof of the house, the domestic consumers,” said George Niculescu.

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