New national campaign launched by IGSU, E.ON and Delgaz Grid


Awareness of adults about their responsibility to comply with home safety measures is the main objective of the national campaign “Take the utmost care: the safety of your child”, launched by the Inspectorate General for Emergency Situations, in partnership with E.ON and Delgaz Grid.

According to the survey conducted by IRES for the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (IGSU), one in four Romanians admits that they leave their children under 10 years old unattended, at home. Also, 64% of those surveyed consider that the permanent supervision of children is the most important thing to ensure the safety of the kids at home.

At the same time, according to IGSU data, in the last eight years, 378 children have been victims of house fires, and 104 of them have lost their lives. Most were unattended by adults at the time of the fires.

Improper use of electrical installations or heating means are the main causes that, year after year, end lives. Thus, according to the IRES survey, 8% of Romanians admit that they used improvisations for stoves, chimneys or wood-fired boilers. Also, 6% admit that they made improvisations at electrical installations, and 3% at gas installations. More than half of the Romanians surveyed stated that they do not have a gas detector, 72% do not have a fire extinguisher, and 81% do not have a smoke detector. Moreover, 44.5% of those who have a chimney do not use specialized personnel, at least once a year, to check or clean it.


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