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Neptun Deep: Romania to become a gas supplier for the entire region

27 June 2023
Bogdan Tudorache

Romania will become a gas supplier for the entire region after the development of the Neptun Deep project, and the Romanian state could collect, over the 20 years of operation of the project, more than 20 billion euros in taxes and royalties, said the general director of OMV Petrom, Christina Verchere, during a press conference.

“It is a game changing project…especially from an economic perspective,” said Verchere.

Asked by Energynomics what are the next steps in appointing the project’s contractor, Verchere said that OMV Petrom – operator of the project – is waiting for ANRM’s decision to continue the procedures.

“The year 2027 is the year in which we expect the first quantities of gas and, in time, Romania will become the largest producer of natural gas in the European Union. The project will last approximately two decades, and the revenues brought to the state budget will support the development of society. Neptun Deep is a strategic project both for us and for Romania. It is a challenge to which we and our partners, Romgaz, are ready to respond. We have experience as both deepwater and shallowwater operators and join forces with the best quality suppliers from around the world. Together with Romgaz, we will invest up to 4 billion euro to make Neptun Deep a success. Neptun Deep will count on the best infrastructure, the most modern technologies, which at the same time protect the environment and bring safety to operations,” also said Verchere.

She mentioned that the project will support the “energy security” of the country, but also its transformation into a “very important player” on this market.

Autor: Bogdan Tudorache

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