Năsui: Investors must be treated with respect and with great predictability


Investors must be treated with great respect and predictability and ”we want the interaction with the state to be as easy as possible, especially on the fiscal side,” and one of the essential pillars of the reforms is eliminating the red tape, said on Monday the Minister of Economy, Claudiu Năsui, at the 10th anniversary of the listing of Fondul Proprietatea at BVB.

“Investors must be treated with respect and with great predictability. One of the key pillars of the reforms we have carried out over the years, laws that we have had the chance to enact in Parliament, is debureaucratization. There are already eight debureaucratization laws and we want the relationship, not only for SMEs, not only for small investors, but also for the stock market and for everyone to be as easy as possible in the interaction with the state, especially on the fiscal side, on the reporting side, but not only. All of this needs to be made as easy as possible, and again I think we should use this enormous power of the stock market to make transparent and more efficient companies that are still state-owned and that often, if they were to pull a red thread, you see they’re pretty much the same everywhere. Even those who exploit monopolies that are profitable can do much better if they have this kind of activist shareholding that the stock exchange and Fondul Proprietatea I’m sure can bring in,” said Năsui.

He conveyed to the participants in the event that the Executive remains dedicated not only to debureaucratization but also to predictability and that they will not have unpleasant surprises.

“All the things we will do and undertake in the Government are in line with those we have presented. All projects will be subject to public debate, discussed with all stakeholders and are in line with the facilitation of economic freedom that Romania is in great need in order to develop and catch up with Western Europe,” said the economy minister, according to Agerpres.

He stressed that there is still much to be done to really be a market economy, although great progress has been made in the last 30 years.

“I still believe that we are a market economy that is heavily hampered by many factors, especially those that come from this area of politics, unfortunately. But it will not be the case, at least not with this new Government. This new Government is going towards the modernization of the economy, it is directed towards these guiding principles which are also included in the Constitution: market economy, competition, economic freedom and especially this very correct foundation of property,” explained Claudiu Năsui.


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