Năsui: I think that state-owned companies need to be massively reformed


State-owned companies need to be massively reformed and only those people with ready to reform them should be put into office, said on Thursday evening, on Antena 3, the Minister of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Tourism, Claudiu Năsui.

“I do not know if it was a task in 2016 for dignitaries to be present on boards of directors,”Năsui commented sarcastically.

”I know dignitaries who were not present on any Board of Directors. I was also a councilor and I was not present in any Board. Cătălin Drulă, same, as well as Cristian Ghinea, also a minister in the Cioloş Government. I think that state companies need to be massively reformed and when you reform companies you need to appoint people in, so there will practically be a selection process for the Ministry of Economy to appoint people with whom to reform those companies”, said Năsui, quoted by Agerpres.

The dignitary mentioned that, at the USR Plus level, there is a database with CVs of people from the party, but also from outside of it, from which new specialists can be chosen, according to their competencies, for holding new positions.

“We, at USR Plus, have organized a very large call of CVs. Basically, people can send their resumes and we have a database with people both from the party and outside the party from which we can choose based on competencies if we need to be able to choose from there. In no case should it be a job task and I don’t know if it was a job task in 2016, because there are several notable examples “, explained Claudiu Năsui.


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