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More than 45% of Engie’s customers did not meet the legal requirements to reduce their bill

13 January 2022

Over 45% of Engie Romania’s customers did not meet the eligibility conditions established by law to benefit from capping and clearing measures, according to a company statement.

“The increase in natural gas sales prices is caused by the unprecedented increase in purchase prices due to the imbalance between supply and demand, price increases that are not under the control of Engie Romania, being determined by market mechanisms. These increases have affected, especially the customers who renewed or concluded a new natural gas contract, in the second part of 2021, when the purchase prices reached historical maximums,” say the company’s representatives.

They claim that Engie Romania has applied, according to the law, the capping and compensation measures, but not all customers meet the eligibility criteria.

“Thus, out of a total of 1,742,544 invoices issued to domestic customers for the consumption of natural gas for November: for 946,772 invoices the capping and compensation measures were applied, based on the criteria established by law; for 795,772 invoices no the eligibility conditions stipulated by the law have been met (either in terms of price or consumption intervals). Therefore, capping or clearing measures could not be applied to them,” the company said.

In the case of 460,907 invoices, the contractual price was below the minimum reference price provided by law (of 0.125 lei / kWh), and for the remaining 334,865 invoices the support measures were not applied as they did not fall into the categories of eligible for application.

In addition, about 30,000 customers received aid for vulnerable groups and half of them also benefited from capping and compensation measures.

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