Monsson Group: 40% of renewable energy producers are close to bankruptcy


This year is decisive for the survival of the renewable energy units, whereas over 40% of the producers on these energy sources are close to bankruptcy, said Sebastian Enache, business development manager at Monsson Group.

“This year is a year of force majeure. Over 40% of the renewable energy producers are in default this year,” he said, although the impact of the support scheme in the bill of the final household type consumer is 4 RON per month, but the benefits are maximized, writes Agerpres.

“The authorities recognize the problem, but nobody takes responsibility for anything. It is as if we are children. We are speaking about 7 billion euros, more than 25,000 jobs, and the installed power is higher than that of the nuclear energy. Everyone asks us if we are better and if they can help, but there is no interest. Everyone relies that those big companies that have invested to further support the projects, but for how long can you support them on minus, a year, two?”, said the Monsson representative.


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