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Investor: Delaying the deadlines of the Casa Verde program is a positive step

21 April 2020

Bogdan Tudorache

Distribution operators are no longer engaging with the public, and applicants within the Casa Verde program should have obtained their Technical Network Connection Notice (ATR) within 90 days, so the extension of program terms is welcome, an investor told

“There are some steps that need to be taken to get the ATR. For example, one of the steps is to go with the notification to the town hall, where you must notify the town hall, to get rid of the building permit. How do you notify the town hall? The distribution operator asks for the notification at the town hall. Then, the documentation must be submitted to the distribution operator, which works digitally, but not everyone has the ability to transmit documents on the internet,” the quoted source said.

“I look forward to the extension of the deadlines, otherwise, there would have been many applicants who would not have been able to submit the documents. There is another aspect, you have to start building. Now, everybody is in isolation at home. The program will be done, but in a slower pace. The financing contract with the Environmental Fund must be submitted after obtaining the ATR. But I would not start building now, given the state of emergency. The construction will be done in the summer. Equipment, inverters, modules, cables must be purchased. Or, the supply chains are closed.”

The Ministry of Environment has decided to suspend all the deadlines related to the program coordinated by the Authority of the Environmental Fund for Prosumers, which will be resumed 30 days after the lifting of the state of emergency.

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