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Huawei launches new all-scenario smart PV

27 June 2023
General Interest

During the Intersolar Europe 2023 held in Munich, Germany, Huawei successfully hosted the launch event for its new smart photovoltaic (PV) & energy storage (ESS) products and solutions. Guoguang Chen, President of Smart PV & ESS Business at Huawei Digital Power, unveiled the smart PV strategy and the all-new upgraded smart PV brand FusionSolar.

In utility-scale plant scenarios, Huawei has driven the industry’s transition from low cost to high value through the integration of digital technology and power electronics innovation in its smart PV solutions over the past decade. This has positioned smart string inverters as the global mainstream.

In commercial and industrial (C&I) scenarios, Huawei deeply cultivates the industry and achieves success through “intelligence”. Huawei promotes technological innovation to set active safety as a standard, enabling green electricity in various industries, helping customers achieve business sustainability and reduce carbon emissions.

In residential scenario, Huawei aims to lead the future by advancing the evolution of household energy through component innovation and technological upgrades. Through off-grid power backup, intelligent home energy scheduling by AI Energy Management Assistant (EMMA) and the future virtual power plant (VPP) interconnection will enable power independence and self-sufficiency for homes.

Comprehensive Upgrade of FusionSolar Brand

As an all-new brand image, FusionSolar positions itself as a leader in integrated innovation in the field of PV. It combines the innovative capabilities of digital technology and power electronics, integrating the capabilities of the industrial chain and intelligence, providing safe and stable products and strives to deliver an ultimate user experience. It aims to work with industry partners to build an open and win-win industry ecosystem, accelerate PV to become the main energy source, and enable green electricity to benefit thousands of industries and households.

Release of New Products and Solutions in Three Major Scenarios

Steve Zheng, President of Utility Smart PV & ESS Business, Huawei Digital Power, has addressed the great challenges imposed to grid stability in the fast-growing solar energy industry, which makes the fusion of PV and ESS becomes inevitable.  The various “PV + x“ scenarios will also bring more challenges. In response to the trends and challenges above, Huawei has introduced the FusionSolar Smart PV Solution —utilizing SUN2000-330KTL’s new generation of 1500V Smart PV controller as the core, together with PV-ESS low-voltage AC coupling capabilities, etc. These offerings provide customers with three major values: lower levelized cost of electricity (LCOE), grid-compatible high reliability, and comprehensive digitalization.

Mingming Zhong, President of C&I Smart PV & ESS Business, Huawei Digital Power, unveiled the C&I Optimizer+PV+ESS+Charger+Management System Solution for commercial and industrial applications. The comprehensive solution includes the industry’s first 1300W optimizer compatible with 182/210 modules, the first series of inverters that achieve enterprise-level power supply reliability, the first 200 kWh commercial and industrial energy storage system using smart string architecture, the first 720 kW modular all-liquid-cooled supercharging system, and the first commercial and industrial intelligent management system that connects with AI from end-to-end.

At the same time, Steven Zhou, President of Residential Smart PV & ESS Business, Huawei Digital Power, launched the Residential Smart PV Solution 4.0. This comprehensive solution adopts a 1+4+X framework, where“1” represents the core smart energy controller, “4” represents the smart module controller, Smart string ESS, smart charger, and smart PV management system, and the “X” is composed of the home appliances ecosystem, like air conditioner, heat pump, and so on. The solution aims to elevate household self-consumption of solar energy to 90%+ and gradually evolve towards 100%, offering core values such as electricity freedom, smart control experience, and active safety.

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